Saturday, 31 December 2016

Our year: 25 pictures and 1 video

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Where'd the year go

2016 has been quite a year but we’re not talking politics or those who’ve said their goodbyes.
A best nine won’t do ours justice so here’s a top 25 of what’s happened.
We started the year focused on mobile events.

February Meg's passport arrives and we're headed to Naples to visit some pizza legends and the Ferrara family who built our oven.
March to Copenhagen, working the beast at Baest and learning from some of the best in the business.
April to the lovely folks at Brue Farm to see where our mozzarella’s made and where we now source the curd for making it in house.
May, a popup outside our future home, Big Bertha’s on order and we’re picking plates, peels and pans.
June we’re knocking down walls, painting and plastering
July, oven’s in, the Bridges & Talbot boys have worked their magic and we’re touching up and tasting.
August we’re open and the real work begins.
Feels like we’re only just warming up - let’s see where next year takes us.
P.S. We're thinking of hosting another Giro night early in the year, only with new toppings and fewer instances of Movember facial hair, here's how the last one went down to get you in the mood.


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