Saturday 20 July 2013

Top That: Isle of Wight Ninja

A second topping post following on from last weekend's firing, this one slightly more traditional, a margherita with spicy nduja sausage or as I prefer to call it, the Isle of Wight Ninja. I picked up some stunning Isle of Wight tomatoes from the market, crushed over the dough these were better than any tinned tomatoes I could have used. For a bit of spice I added some nduja, the spicy Calabrian pork sausage and favourite of the Pizza Pilgrims 
keeping it simple, the oregano's not pictured here as that went straight from the plant to the pizza
Our favourite sourdough base
Isle of Wight toms
Fresh Oregano
not a bad looking set of ingredients
Extra prep?
None again, I wouldn't add any extra oil, plenty comes out of the nduja

What I'd do differently
Not much, I'd possible add a chopped chilli for a bit more kick but given every batch of nduja seems to have a different level of spice this is one to adjust to taste

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